Website Design & Development, Digital Branding & Identity.

SUPABAD is a talented producer and dj within Auckland’s music scene. The design for this website was his own vision.

The challenging part was making this vision come to life on a basic cms platform. Many hurdles were overcome in order to force the cms into doing something that it likely wasn’t made to do. The benefit to this is that content such as gig dates, merchandise, new music etc, can all be updated using the cms’s basic front-end builder.

Beneath the visual chaos and the moving parts of the website there is order. Merchandise is able to be purchased and managed with ease, and the tabs within the task bar offer users an opportunity to reveal a specific section.

latch digital: portfolio page

A standard ecommerce sequence has been used in order to make the cart to checkout process as straightforward as possible. Customers are able to drag these sections to organise them how they please.

latch digital: services page

A simplified layout with a basic scroll function has been used for mobile devices to ensure the site remains a useful resource for supabad’s fans. This has been achieved without losing the character of the design.