Website Design & Development, Digital Branding & Identity.

Country Woods is arguably Auckland’s largest supplier of restaurant grade cooking wood, used for everything from barbequeus to pizza ovens. If you’ve dined out in Auckland there is a fair chance that you’ve enjoyed the smokey flavour that was produced from some fo Country Wood’s products.

Country Woods also run a retail shop and hoped to bring the experience online. The goal was to make the shopping experience easier for customers but to also make the selling and shipping experience more streamline for Country Woods staff.

The website boasts a colour palate likened to the inside of a lit grill, with earthy greys for background cover and bright yellow accents.

Because a package from Country Woods is in general a lot heavier than that which most shipping companies are experienced with, a custom shipping matrix was required. The matrix covers the entirety of New Zealand and automatically calculates shipping costs based on the weight and size of the package.

As always the shop experience has been customised in order to make life easy for those who wish to do their shopping from their mobile devices.