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Libby&Co is an Auckland Based Antinatal support specialist who offers sleep training, breastfeeding support, night care, and other helpful services for parents with newborns.

The website re-design offers visitors a sense of calm through use of simple grid layouts that are kept consistent throughout the pages of the website.

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A simple design system has been set up in order to maintain consistency across the website. Using Figma’s prototyping tools, components have been created with many variants. This makes the system flexible and easy to use, taking the manual work out of changing between component features and styles, and ensuring that changes are made globally when editing a parent component.


This video demonstrates a component being dropped into an auto-layout, then it’s button and image features are edited using an on/off style boolean switch.

The components are also made responsive to mimick the behavior of a live website.


Deep blues and warm whites have been chosen to contrast each other but also to work in harmony and add to the relaxed nature of the website. Soft imagery with intimate and inclusive subject matter also assists with this.


Libby’s blog posts have been automated to take the manual work out of posting. Each new blog will automatically take on the templated layout, and include a header image and title as seen to the left.