ARTNOW UX/UI Browsing Experience


Making ARTNOW’s naturally engaging content more discoverable and browsable.



Project duration

3 Months


  • Updated user experience
  • Updated interface
  • Website usability updates

ArtNow is an online platform showcasing the outstanding contemporary art exhibitions, events, galleries, books and editioned art works from across Aotearoa New Zealand. In addition, ArtNow is the publishing platform for a monthly Essay independently commissioned by representatives of the public galleries of Aotearoa.

The objectives for this project were to boost visitor engagement with the website’s content and to make improvements to the interface that would make browsing more seamless.

latch digital: portfolio page

Suggested posts were added to pages in order to encourage browsing. These can be selected manually or set to filter automatically.

Custom carousles have been added to pages where there are multiple images, complete with mobile friendly styles that make these posts easier to browse when using smaller devices.