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Dr Amelia Ryan is a gynaecologist and obstetrician based in Auckland. This website serves as a source of information for her exisiting and future clients.

When designing her logo it was imperative to make it professional in appearance and yet approachable on a human level. This reflects Amelias approach towards her patients.

The website outlines her services and treatments while showcasing her brand and values.

latch digital: portfolio page

The website’s mobile layout has been optimised so that visitors can access information while on the go.

latch digital: portfolio page

Dr Amelia’s logo consists of a single typface and colour. The typeface has the confidence of a healthcare professional, while the relaxed nature of it’s strokes bring a sense of comfort. Note the finial of the lowercase ‘e’.

The typeface’s tall X height makes it readable at smaller text sizes, making it perfect for business cards.

The red colour chosen is warm, earthy, and confident.