Website Design & Development, Digital Branding & Identity.

Latch Digital is a design agency specialising in software and websites. The goals for this project were to breathe new life into their existing website while structuring information and delivering a sleek appearance.

Goals for this project:

  • Modernise style and features
  • Improve readability with use of text hierarchy
  • Showcase Latch Digital’s services
  • Make it black
latch digital: portfolio page

Latch’s brand colours have been used to create a design language that speaks to the user when navigating the website. Yellow accents help to indicate selections while white is reserved for read-only text.

latch digital: services page

Simple grid layouts have been used in order to promote readability. The prominant feature of these pages is the black void of the background.

The text within mobile menu’s has been enlarged accomodate for touch devices.

The simpe layouts of the website have been maintained on smaller screens in order to keep the browsing experience consistent across devices.